Friday, October 12, 2012

The game plan for losing 45 pounds fast

                  3 WEEK DIET

The game plan for losing 45 pounds – and keeping it off …

Yes, you can lose 90 lbs and keep it off.
Here’s how to do it:
Take diet pills to accelerate your weight loss
We love seeing “fast” results – that’s simply the way we are. It’s a good thing, because our brains want to know if it works or not.

1) Form good eating habits
French and Asian women are skinny from their eating habits.
My friend taught English in China for a year; she lost 30 pounds. “I just ate whatever my host family is cooked, and I would occasionally walked around town. That’s it!”  3 WEEK DIET
If you currently eat french toast, sausages, eggs and orange milk for breakfast, I recommend you slowly switch diet. Perhaps eat an apple of french toast?
I can guarantee you’ll lose weight this way

2) Eat less
Weight loss boils down to consuming less calories over a long, sustained period. But it’s harder said then done – because our brains practically “force” us to eat. But we can trick the brains through chemical alternation – this is where the diet pills come in. It will reduce your appetite, so you’ll eat less. There is no need for “will power”.
Another tip: drink more water, tea or coffee to reduce hunger pangs. Did you know Buddhist monks only eat once per day? They eat at noon, and to fight against hunger pang they drink water or coffee.

3) Beware for “liquid calories”
Liquid calories makes us fat – and we’re not even aware of it. (Yes, I’m deadly scared of liquid calories). Things like “fruit juice”, soda pop and Starbucks mocha can make you fat. 3 WEEK DIET
For example, a large size Starbucks Mocha contains 400 calories. If you drink 7 of those cups, you’ll get a pound of found. Fruit juice is equally worst – because it mostly contains sugar and sodium. The only “real” fruit juice you should drink is freshly squeezed ones. (Booster Juice is a fraud. Avoid them)

4) Record what you eat
Here’s what clinical studies found: people who recorded down what they ate where more likely to lose weight then those who don’t.
Why is that? I think it boils down to personal responsibility. When I started to record what I ate everyday, I found that I drank 3 cans of soda pop, and booster juice – which are hidden calories.
Disgusted with myself, I slowly stopped (over the course of 3 months) drinking soda pop, Booster juice and Starbucks mocha.
To record what I ate, I simply walked around with a pen and paper and jolt down what I ate for the day. No harsh judgement, no self criticism – I just objectively recorded what I ate. By the end of the week, I was somewhat shocked of all the “bad” food I was eating. So then I slowly stopped eating it (and lost a bunch of weight)     3 WEEK DIET
Simple? Yes. Highly effective? Heck yes!

5) Use supplements
Like body builders who use protein shakes to build bigger muscles, or nerds using smart drugs to enhance their I.Q, you can use diet pills to lose weight fast.
My #1 motivation for losing weight – and keeping it off – is seeing fast results.
Our brains demand that we see a trim waist line before we can change our eating habits. Once my brains “saw” that I had a shrinking waist line, I became less addicted to my old ways of eating. If there’s a magic pill for weight loss, then ProshapeRX is it. Sure – it cost money but that’s just a small price to pay to fit in my old jeans, and get compliments from my husband and co-workers.

In conclusion – rapid weight loss boils down to eating habits and supplements



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